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Nathalie Prange "EI"

As a content writer, my daily life is about helping hyper-competent business owners like you (and your teams) turn their audacious ideas into clear concepts that will captivate the world – thanks to an effective digital content strategy, either in English or French... Or both!

Pug Content Strategy, the Story​

As a child, I write the craziest stories between "Panic at the Barbie Disco" (Skipper, Courtney and Dione run away from FBI agents – while DJ Blaine plays the Top 50 hits), Harry Potter blogs and fanfictions, and translating pop songs during Chemistry class – my imagination knows no limits.

At uni, I study homo sapiens' fascinating tales. I focus on British and North American civilizations and spend extended periods of time on English-speaking territory, particularly in the United States – the cradle of modern storytelling. Through my studies, I analyze all forms of narratives: arts, architecture, literature, politics, history and learn the subtle art of translation. I realize that homo sapiens has a gift and I want to perpetuate it. I want to bring stories to life!

After graduation, my all-consuming passion for storytelling finds its purpose in the world of digital technologies while working for huge IT firms and new technology startups in London, UK. I adapt my style to a wide variety of audiences: app users, engineers, colleagues who only communicate with GIFs. I realize that marketing is not the insidious weapon I always believed it was, but rather an effective way to tell homo sapiens' new stories. I like it.

Goodbye, London. Hello, freelancing in Paris. I make all the rookie mistakes. I work for free when I shouldn't. I'm everywhere – in the wrong places – looking for projects, scattered all over the Internet. I forget what's essential. Stories only come to live when told to an audience. Who's my audience? I find the right answers and develop my own digital marketing strategy. Clients find me.

I get certified in Digital Marketing and Copywriting through LiveMentor's professional courses. I become an expert in latest digital marketing trends and become an SEO copywriting expert.

I create my content writing website, Pug Content Strategy. In my choice of words, colours and mascot, Pug Content Strategy reflects my personality, my enthusiasm for what I do and my expertise in terms of Digital Marketing. You and I meet...

... Together, we leave our digital footprint on the Web through captivating and authentic content that read and sound like you. Your business takes flight and your stories come to life.

That's the story of Pug Content Strategy.

My Values, as a Copywriter


It's all about you. You are the reason why customers value your products. It's your story and your personality that persuade them to buy. In my writing, I bring out your authenticity, the essence of your entrepreneurship. No room for clickbait here. Let's put your uniqueness at the heart of your web content.


Have you ever seen a professional website full of pugs? Be serious and reassuring, that's good. But how about being captivating and professional at the same time? That's better! I create memorable content your customers will never forget.


What's the added value for your readers? There's no need to spread yourself too thin. If you listen to their needs, if you answer their questions clearly, honestly, with an open heart and with personality, they will trust you. And that means business.


Shall we be technical, talk about SEO, conversion rates, and all that jazz? No problem. Do you want to keep it simple? I'll adapt my style to your needs. My role is to make your life simple.

About My Customers

Are you working on something big?
Yes, but I still need to figure some things out. 90%
Do you need content writing, or digital marketing solutions?
Yes! 100%
Is your project ready to take flight?
Yes, it is! 100%
I need a publishing schedule. What about you?

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